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Painful PIP with Sustanon 250

Hey guys I need some advice.

I’m about to do my third injection of 1ml sustanon 250.
My first injection was done with a 25g 1 inch needle in the ass and 1ml of eq in the other cheek.
I didn’t have any problems with the eq but the sust was really tender for the next couple days. I was worried I might not be getting deep enough with only the 1 inch needle so I injected the delt the following time. But the pain has been so bad that when i’m fight training even the softest of punches put me in extreme agony. I have picked up some 1.5 inch needles now and plan on injecting back in the glutes tomorrow. But I enjoy sleeping on my left side and thats the side I was injecting the sust into. My question is should I continue to inject on the left side as that muscle should have already started to recognize the substance or it doesn’t really matter and i’m thinking too much.


There’s really no reason to inject into your glutes when it’s easier and safer to inject into your quads and shoulders using an 1/2" insulin syringe. I was using a 25 gauge 1" syringe into my quads for weeks. How often are you injecting?

Hey systemlord I inject Tuesdays and Fridays.
The idea of having to deal with the PIP I had in my delt, in my quad is quiet daunting. I like the idea of injecting in the quad because it’s right in front of you. But my flexibility is pretty decent I don’t have any problems pinning the glutes.

What about combining the sust and eq into one syringe? Since I get virtually no PIP from the eq do you think it would help take some of the edge off? I was originally keeping them separate because in theory more fluid injected into virgin muscles should cause more stretching and inflammation.

Could just be the oil pooling, causing inflammation of surrounding tissue. It happens to me when I inject sub q test cyp, and do NOT rub the area. If I rub for a few seconds, a few different times, the pain never comes. Try rubbing the injection site and dispersing the oil around a little to see if its just irritating the area. Also, are you using UGL stuff?

My 2 cents, first why are you using sust250. I didnt realize people still used that. Second, my injection protocol is always cut the injection with filtered grape seed oil which you can purchase from usp labs. Use half or 1/4 mill, grape seed oil. Also, I run the barrel of the syringe under warm water for a moment which thins the oil and eases injection.

You can combine the sustain and eq if the half lives are the same, but with sust all the half lives of the combined esters are different, which is going to give you fluctuating levels.

Hey guys things seem to be getting much better now. I’m back to injecting the glutes with a 1.5 23 gauge and had minimal PIP. All my gear is from an Asian lab called keifei pharma. The reason I’m starting my cycle with sust is simply for the faster results. I will switch to test e after week 5. I’m also running a dbol Kickstarter at 30mg. I’m on day 10 and really starting to shred down.

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Nothing wrong with sustanon or your 1" pins. I actually use both of those exclusively. Sometimes you just get a bad bottle. It’s happened to me a few times from a UGL I used for 3 years. If you have history, let them know. My guy wanted bottle back to be tested and he sent me another the same day.
Good luck.

Just need to point out that most TRT guys seem to be injecting subq #29 1/2" 0.5ml syringes. There is not reason for IM injections other than tradition. Avoids decades of muscle damage.

You should inject twice a week and take an AI at that time.

No fertility loss concerns?

Some can have reactions to whatever oil is been used.

IM injections that open a vein can create a blood clot in the muscle.

Glute injections need to avoid major nerves and blood vessels, not really a good idea when twisting yourself up.

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