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Painful new way to lose weight

Just got my labrett peirced the other night. It hurt pretty good when I got it done, but now when I chew food (which I do ALOT) it rubs against my lower front teeth and gums and creates a fairly painful sensasation. As a result of this I’ve been finding eating to be somewhat difficult, however protein shakes,cottage cheese, and hard boiled eggs are pretty easy.

Wait until it heals good and you forget about it and then catch it on your lower teeth. Ouch!

Caution: Your drinks may leak a bit sometimes too. =p

I take it that’s your under your lower lip?

Yeah it’s under my lip. Already caught it on my lower teeth this morning…felt nice. Either of you have yours done? Anyone?

Sounds like you’re really enjoying it…

I had an abcess in my mouth last week the size of a lima bean from where a popcorn kernal made its way into where my last wisdom tooth is coming in. I’m guessing that the pain you’re feeling is pretty similar.

Aesthetically yeah. Phsically not so much so.

Why did you have it done? I don’t mean to sound like someone’s old man here, but if it hurts, if it could get caught on your teeth leading to further discomfort once it’s healed, and if it could possibly “leak” while drinking, it seems like you have just made your life overly complicated.

because it makes him cool man

I had my librette pierced for 4 years, and my advice is this: as soon as the wound has fully healed, go buy another pin, and get the shortest one possible. I did this and had no troubles catching it on my teeth or fucking up my gums. The bar that they pierce you with is longer to accomodate swelling (but I’m sure you know that). Anyway, enjoy the chin pin.

Geekdog suck yourself off.

Bear it hasn’t leaked yet and as for why…I just wanted to. Just like I want to lift weights, or become a pyhsical therapist. That and if I don’t like it anymore I can take it out.

Buck good advice the swelling has gone down a bit and I’m getting better with the whole food thing.

When I had my tounge done I found that any kind of pasta was a problem.

Mild anti-inflamitories like Ibuprofen might help, but there are so many supportive nerves in that area that you might just have to stick it out for a few more days.

Good luck wideguy, I think those things are cool, if I weren’t in the Military I’d have mine done as well.

Sometimes I stick needles in my ass but I’d never thought to leave them in for ornamentation. I’ll have to try that.

Warhorse are you in a bad mood today dude?

Nope, just got really bad gas, that’s all.

(Just trying to be funny.)

It’s alot of fun warhorse. Maybe that was part of my reasoning since I am no longer “on” I missed the how would you say “familiar sting” :slight_smile:

That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard! You got what you deserve.

You can always shoot a little saline :wink: