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Painful Calluses


I will keep this short: I have a few painful calluses under my middle to pinky finger. They have been there for a good three years now and never want to go away. They hurt for all the lifts that I need to hold a weight for a certain time.

Cleans and deadlifts are fine since I don't care about the eccentric portion of the lift. BB Rows and DB Rows are a bitch due to this. My grip doesn't last as long as it would without the calluses. Any tips on how to get rid of these calluses?


Calluses are dead skin and shouldn't hurt... Especially 3 year old calluses. Is "normal" skin being pinched in-between the calluses or something?


Are they just normal calluses?

Your hands would be ripped apart during deadlifts for reps etc if you didn't have them.

At the risk of sounding like an asshole, you probably just need to nut up. Calluses hurt during or after lifting sometimes...deal with it.


Meh, I think I know what you're talking about and that's where the bad ones occur. Is it almost like a callous blister?

Does it look possible to trim them down with a razor or does it just look like a tear waiting to happen?


According to Rippetoe you are holding the bar wrong, if the callouses are being pinched the barbs to 'high' in your hand, place the barat the base of your fingers. His reasoning is that that is where the bar is trying to roll to (and nipping your callouses in the process) so why not put it there in the first place?

Personally I can't hold the bar like that it just doesn't feel right, but chin ups (that nip my callouses) I hold it like that every time.


I know this idea wont be popular. But I really dont get why.

Wear builders gloves for big lifts. You'll still get calusses but they wont get sharp and tear. I have ridiculously delicate skin for medical reasons. But wearing heavy duty builders gloves stops it being an issue. Lifting gloves suck but for some reason builders gloves still allow me to grip big weights.


bite and pull hand away from face, turn head and spit, or chew that fucker down for extra protein.


I have pretty crap skin (hacks, calluses, etc) so I'm used to trying to keep it in a bearable condition but there is a method that works for me. It's pretty simple and I'm always surprised nobody mentions it when these threads come up. Every time you are in the shower, use a pumice stone (like the link above)on the calluses. If they are pretty bad, it may take a couple of days to egt them smoothed out but within a few days the skin will be smooth but not that fresh raw skin!

I've been doing this for years now, the area where I get the calluses is still pretty tough which is good but no build up which is better.




agreed with theuofh, use a razor or pocketknife to reduce the calluses down


Weight lifting gloves don't really help to much. My dad has a bunch of builder's gloves, so I might try those.

And it could be a callus blister thing. It is red around the edges. I usually pick at them a lot, but I can only get them down to a certain point. I have been lifting with them and dealing with it, but they are just annoying. I will definitely look in to the pumice stone, but for now use a razor blade.

And I will definitely need to rethink where I place the bar in my hands.


When my callouses get too big / crispy / lumpy I just use my cordless dremel with one of the finer sanding drums. Quick and easy!