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Pain with Deadlift

Hi all,

Lately, I’ve been experiencing lower back pain–right above my ass and sometimes to the right a bit–with my deadlifts (I do them once a week). This morning, I cut the weight dramatically and did 3x8 but still felt this pain. I concentrate on form, but maybe there’s one thing I’m doing wrong that pulls in that area? My back is pretty weak, so I’ve been incorporating back extensions and other exercises to supplement my deads, in order to strengthen it. I wonder why, lately, this pain occurs.



I experienced the exact same problem once, the only difference being that I was too stupid to stop going heavy (for me anyway).

After the ripping sound and sensation from my lower back area occured - don’t let this happen, it’s not as much fun as it sounds - I went to a physiotherapist and was told that there was an imbalance between my hamstrings, glutes, lower back and abs.

They were acting against one another, so whilst I though I was getting stronger, I was in effect just making it easier to injure myself further down the line.

I’d recommend that you get this checked out ASAP, and work on your own weak areas. Dave “skinny arse” Tate has written extensively on this sort of thing, only usually without recommending a serious injury first :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

I’m just a newbie but I was having some back issues with deads and squats. The pain was always there, heavy weight, light weight, high reps, low reps, didn’t matter what I did. Also found it took forever to go away after a workout. Also my lower back would hurt almost anytime I bent over to pick stuff up.

After I read this article

I took 4 weeks off from any back intensive exercise and concentrated on the core exercises in the article. I started to notice improvements in 3 days!! I could bend over to pick things up without pain.

I have started squating and deads again with no problems. Have even been able to go much lower in my squats (past parallel) which I just couldn’t do previously.

Anyway, check out the article, it may help.