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Pain with Barbell, Not with DB


One year ago, I had a BB bench set that caused significant pain in my left shoulder, and ended up removing all BB presses from my routine after nagging issues of sharp pain.

6 months ago I worked incline BB into my routine and all was great until I tried flat BB for two weeks and probably went "too heavy" and experienced the same pain. This caused me to drop BB exercises again.

DB presses at any angle are fine. ( seated DB OH press of 85's, flat DB press of 100's)

Yesterday, I tried incline and flat BB again and worked up to 185 lbs and experienced the pain again at the lowest portion of the movement (few inches off chest for incline, and touching chest for flat).

It is a sharp pain that only has been occurring at the lowest part of the movement.

I would appreciate any advice to resolve this issue of BB work.

Grip width on BB?
strengthing of external rotators?
rotator cuff rehab work?