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Pain while squatting


I have recently started squatting.
Yesterday for the first time ever I had a sharp pain. It felt like it was in the tail bone (Not sure if thats what it's called but I've heard that expression before), i.e. just below by back, and above my ass.
Anyone else had this before?


I don't want you to get alarmed, but that's generally a bad place to get that type of a feeling. I would consider having someone watch you squat to make sure you are able to maintain a natural curve in your lower back. On the decnet, try to think of your pelvis turning forward and your spine sinking further forward to the floor in front of you.

Hopefully the pain has not persisted. While some would disagree, I would recommend stretching your hamstirngs, glutes and piriformis before you squat to ensure that you don't have too much tension in your hips pulling your pelvis underneath. That's assuming that the problem you are having is what I suspect, given the limited info you gave.

It's hard to say exactly what is wrong over the internet. Consider having an experienced strength coach look at your squat technique. If not, try to give more info on your technique, flexibility, and general posture.