Pain While Benching

I had a question about some pain I have been experiencing while bench pressing. For the past two weeks I have noticed pain in the area circled in the attached picture (It�??s hard to pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from, but it�??s within this region.). During my first heavy set its noticeable and by the third set I am unable to life any significant weight for any substantial reps.

Now I do not believe that this is an injury because I do not experience the same pain during any other exercises (rows, deadlifts, military press, etc.). Could this be a muscular imbalance? Technique issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I feel my workout are suffering severely.

Diagnosing shoulder problems over the internet can be tricky since you can get referred pain all over the place. It could be a muscle imbalance, a muscle that’s balled up and not firing right, or your traps/lats aren’t set tight enough.

If you can, post a video of you benching so we can see if there’s a technique problem that needs fixing. Research ART practioners in your area and have a visit too.