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Pain, Weakness and General Weirdness, Forearm to Shoulder


I’m 37, decided to get back into lifting and general fitness after four years of kids being born and 80 hour work weeks. Life has calmed down now and I’m starting to get more sleep (5-6 hours a night) and feel better and have more energy.

I’ve been working out straight since October and have been happy with the gains in strength, lean mass, endurance and the overall feeling that endorphins bring to life after being sedentary so long.

I’m dealing with my first setback now and I’m hoping to find some help here. I’ve read quite a bit from this form and others so I hope to not waste your time with nailing down more than just a general idea of what’s going on. I’m looking for a physical therapist that understands sports and am trying to figure out the finances end of it as well (wife just had an appendectomy that was 5k out of pocket and hurt) but in the mean time want to try everything I can now.

All the symptoms are on my right side.


Pain in lateral elbow and forearm, pain in wrist (underside), pain in shoulder around delts and also traps.

Popping/clicking frequently from elbow and occasionally from shoulder.

Tightness in the elbow until pop.

Warm burning sensation from elbow down to fingers/thumb.

Occasional numbness in thumb and fingers.

Feeling of hyper-extension when I full extend my arm.

Pain in elbow when trying to grip and reduction in grip strength.

Remedies thus far:

Rest - no upper body lifting for a full week now, will continue to rest.

Ibuprophen - 600mg twice daily.

Fish Oil - 10g spread out through the day.

Turmeric - 1000mg a day.

My self-diagnosis is that for the elbow I may have tennis elbow and that for my shoulder I need to work on lower/mid traps and general rotator cuff exercises. I’m pretty weak on external rotation and probably fairly unbalanced. I used to bench quite a bit and it comes easy to me.

I think I have the shoulder stuff under control. Pain, swelling, discomfort is all manageable and something I worked on years ago, plus there seems to be a lot of info out there. It’s the elbow, forearm stuff that’s really driving me nuts and what I need help with.

Any advice is appreciated.