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pain w/ ez curl bar

This one might be for the T-Vixens only, but anyone feel free to chime in. My girlfriend recently started weightlifting and this week was trying to shift from using DBs for triceps and curls to doing standing curls and skullcrushers with an EZ curl bar.

She’s got very strong wrists, but was complaining of pain in them while doing any movement with an ez-curl bar. Anyone have a clue why this might be or how to correct it? Could it be just the fact she’s a total beginner?

I have the same problems trying to do those movements with a straight bar. I think she’ll find a more comfortable psition if she rotates the bar slightly to allow a more natural wrist position. She may be trying to keep the bar in such a position to allow the most neutral position as far as rotation along the arm axis, but that puts the wrist in an awkward positon as far as the axis that passes through the wrist normal to the hand (to visualize this, place your hand palm down on a flat surface, extend the thumb, then try to touch your thumb to you forearm).

Could be. When I started lifting, I experienced pain in my wrists from E-Z bar curls. Instead of doing the smart thing (which your sig should do) and seeing a sports doc, I just kept lifting and it eventually went away, presumably as my wrists strengthened, or just got used to the movement. But to be safe, she should get checked.

most bars are ‘sized’ for men, so the normal grip area on the bar is not where women need it. i end up with my foreams flared out a bit when i try to grip the bar in the ‘right’ place. have her adjust her grip with a non weighted bar until it is comfortable then put the weights back on.

Is she flexing her wrists, kind of rolling them toward her forehead at the end of the movement subconsciously? I keep them in one position during most of the movement. Maybe if she lowers the weight and works back up she will get rid of the soreness.