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Pain Under Rib Cage


Hi. I have been having sharp pains right under my rib cage on my right side. It hurts when I exhale sharply or contract my abs and hurts too on excersises like lat pulldowns. My dad suggested that it was irritable bowl, which is possible, but it has lasted over a week now. I don't feel any lumps. Does anyone have any ideas?


See a doctor. It does not sound like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Your symptoms would be more related to indigestion. What you are describing could be anything from a simple strain to a hernia.


Ive been getting those pains lately too, and i got worried because the liver is found under the right ribcage.

I thought my liver was suffering from some kind of toxic substance i might have been ingesting (DRUGS)

but today i had a medical exam and my organs are ok..

I started getting this pain when I started upgrading my exercises in my routine, adding the following:
-overhead squats
-the bear
-front squats
-1 arm deadlifts

what kind of exercises are you doing?


I haven't added too many new exercises lately...just some chins and pullups as well as decline reverse crunches. I'm wondering too if it has to do with the fact that I always favor my left side since I just had surgery on my left ankle 8 weeks ago. If it doesn't improve I guess I'll have to go to a doc. What did yours say when It wasn't a liver prob.?


i used to have the same exact problem,,,had many tests done,nothing came up.went to a sports medicine doctor and he said i developed a weak point(pressure point under my rib cage in the ab muscle...they did some major stretching on me to break up scar tissue(hurt like hell)
seemed to work as i have not had a problem in a long time...
good luck,i feel your pain