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Pain Under Left Nipple


So im on 375 mg test e at this point with 200 mg tren e ew split in to 2 dosage monday thursday

I always had a hard lump on my left nipple

This cycle i noticed a pain in the lump coming and going its dosent seems to get any bigger.

It started at week 5 i had not used a ai at this point as i would see how long i could go without as im not a fan of overkilling with ai’s
And as test and tren dose is smaller then iv’e used before i would see how far or if i could run the hole cycle without a ai.

The pain in lump started and i started anastrozole at 0.25 mg e3d after a week no change other then drop in lipido.

I started tamoxifen 20 mg daily after few days lump stopped hurting and lipido sky high again.
I dropped tamoxifen after 8 days and went back to anastrozole at 0.25mg e3d
This did nothing good
Low lipido and now the nipple started again…

What is your guys thoughts what should i do?

I know most will say go get labs done.

Problem is my doctor wont take labs while im on gear, i asked him and he told me he wont do it while im on.

We always take labs when cycles and pct is done to check if everything is back on place.

What should i do?

I dont seem to be able to find private labs in my country…

Fell good overall.
Very energised and still able to get a hard on easy and can with no problem bang my girl 1-3 times a day.

But that feeling of constantly being horny went away when i started using anastrozole

To point out and be honest thet last week my diet have been trash could this be a factor?

I will get it cleaned up today so i get most out of the last time on

Be careful with the Anastrozole especially when using low dose test like you are. Could crash your estrogen quick. Tamoxifen is sufficient for gyno and can be taken without much consequence compared to Anastrozole.

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Should i drop out anastrozole and use maybe tamoxifen at 10mg a day to its gone? And maybe ordre some aromasin instead so i have that on hand?

I have always used to big dosage up to 1.5g a week before i have found out big is not always best
At those high dosage i used 0.5 mg anastrozole eod with no complications
But as i got mire grown in my mind i promised myself if i was going to do cycles again i would only do small dosaged cycle’s And now all the problems come :joy:

You really don’t need an AI. You have it on hand anyway just in case. Use the Tamoxifen like you said.

Okey thanks.

Would you say 10 mg or 20’mg a day?

Really surprised me that some here don’t keep their diet on point for their whole cycle. Especially when using harsh compounds. It’s the one variable that can be controlled but also the most neglected.

I can only agree.
Atleast im honest and dont do as everyone else do and say “diet and training is on point“

I had a accident last weekend wich have done so its was not possible to train this hole week.
When i cant get my training done my motivation to keep my diet on point goes away.

I probaly should have kept diet on point but shit happens i just pointed it out if this also could be a factor.

Hey man it wasn’t directed at you, just in general. I apologise if it sounded like it was.
Your right you were being honest unlike a lot of people on here and I don’t know your situation either.
Sometimes shit just happens haha.

I know what you mean.
its not just here its also out there in real world.
everyone cheats to often, when they are on Gear thats why most people on gear dont even look like they are on.

Yeah had i little tren meltdown at my brothers birthday party last weekend.
Everything was fine, i didn’t touches alcohol.
mood was good, then this dude started pushing some limits on my gf.
she told him to back of sit down he didn’t respected her and yeah someone had to make him sit down that was me and my hand had to recover over this week.
but should be ready tommorow, to start in gym again.

Your definitely right there. Sometimes it seems as though diet is an after thought for a lot of people.

Take it easy man, try not to let people get to you. Sucks about the hand, I hate missing gym time because of injuries. I pulled something in my lower back 6 weeks ago and had to take some time off. Sucks bad.