Pain Under Collar Bones

Hi all,

Over the past 2 months pains right under my collar bones from shoulders to center have started to appear during bench pressing. Lighter sets don’t seem to have an effect but as soon as I get to my working sets, it starts to shoot with pain as I’m locking the weight out. This gets worse with every subsequent set until I’m doing singles. By this time when I rerack the bar and release it, the pain stays there for a little bit. I’ve noticed if I slow down the bar and eaaaaase into the lockout, the pain subsides, but doesn’t go away.

I can push through this pain, but I feel like its only going to keep getting worse. The best explanation I’ve gotten is that my pec minors are stressed, and there is not much I can do.

Any past experiences with this sort of pain or advice on how to surpass it would be appreciated.

Find another exercise. I ripped my SC joint right out in similar fashion.