Pain/Tenderness Top Outside Calf Squat

So I have been back doing deep squats lately. After I do these I get a pain when I move it certain ways like getting out of a squat or chair. Also the area is super tender to touch.

Its the outside upper calf area about 1" down from the knee. Only on right side.

I dont think its my calf. Maybe a tendon or ligament. If I massage the crap out of it it hurts but heals after several days. Did legs Tuesday and today is still tender and painful. I actually did front squats Tuesday along with some GHR, leg press, bulgarian squats, and leg curls. But the others dont bother me and doing squats just to parallel dont bother me but when I start going deep in the squat this area gets aggrevated about every time.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I thought ankle mobility maybe.

do you stretch your calves before WO?

calves a naturally strong muscle, those shouldnt injure that easy.

try a whole week rest, let us know if pain decreased

Or it could be where his biceps femoris insert. You could use a tennis ball pre workout on the tender area and see what you think.

Nothing wrong wi doing ankle mobility in between sets and take the weight easy. Pain will decrease if you stop doing offending movement which will tell you nothing.

Hi Btris,

I have been having a similar pain (discomfort) at exactly the same position for quite some time now. Usually it goes away with rest. But comes back as soon as I start getting back into serious exercise.

Did you have any diagnosis/ follow up for the same?

Any comments will be appreciated.