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Pain, Posterior Shoulder

I’ve been doing your program for two months and I’ve increased my weights, but when I do bench press I feel pain in the posterior part of the shoulder.
I’ve thought of doing 100 band pull aparts each day or doing the building the monolith program to strengthen the shoulders or even incorporate more rows

Are you asking if these are good strategies?

Band pull aparts are always good. Check your posture and form before adding rows as your lats internally rotate your arm and this could make things worse.

When you’ve knocked out the basics, speak to a professional. I assume your shoulder health is important enough to you that you seek the help of a qualified professional and not an anonymous, random.

Yes i anskwer for good strategies! Thanks for the help!

Make sure you’re getting tight and staying tight, especially in your upperback, and squeezing the bar throughout your sets of bench. Whether it’s just an empty bar or your top set. If it’s been bothering you for awhile, and the above doesn’t help, probably a good time to get it looked at and see what you’re dealing with here