Pain on Lateral Raises/DB Press

There is a discomfort when I do lateral raises, and on db over head press I can sometimes feel my joints crack (like when u crack your knuckles). and there is a slight discomfort sometimes. So I dropped the lateral raises, and for the OH press I started doing them with neutral grip (palms facing each other) and brought my arms and hands closer in together. I can definitely still feel it in my delts, so is this an ok move?

As far as dropping lateral raises, will I be ok with just seated bb press and seated db neautral grip press?
If not what should I do?

BTW seated bb press is ok, I dont feel any discomfort or “weirdness”

Try doing the lateral raises with neutral grip (palms facing each other and dumbbells held vertically) and with your arms angled forward a little. Try to get the arms in the same plane as the scapulae. My rough guess is around 25 degrees forward.