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Pain on inside of legs during and after running/jogging

I used to be a cardio ‘Non Believer’ so didn’t do much for a long time, I’m now following JB’s Winning Formula to loose some flab, which includes interval sprinting/jogging, the first week my legs were ok, but now after about 10 minutes jogging or intervaling, the inside of my legs close to my ancle realy aches, so much that I have to stop, when I stop I can hardly walk for at least an hour or so due to the pain. I’m thinking it could be my tendons as I hardly ever do cardio, but I am not sure, should I try and work through the pain or could this make matters worse, any of you have any similar problems ???

Sounds to me like a little tendinitis of the tibialis anterior. This muscle has a distal attachment on the first metatarsal (big toe), so if it’s irritated, you’re going to have pain medially. Tendinitis in this region is very common, and usually results from a poor training surface (or sudden change in training surfaces, as in running on pavement instead of grass), direct trauma, infection, abnormal foot mechanics, improper footwear, or sudden changes in training intensity or volume. In your case, I’d say it’s a combination of poor surface (I hate treadmills) and sudden changes in intensity and volume.

Treatment is basically conservative: ice and ROM exercises. In the meantime, you might want to try something that is more low impact (rowing or cycling) as your form of cardio. Hope this helps!

It actually sounds like shin splints to me. This can be caused by improper running shoes, a bouncy stride, and running on concrete among other things. It can also be caused by doing too much too soon.

Sounds about right, my running shoes were a little suspect so I got some spanking new ones yesterday and too much too soon spot on also.

Thanks to both of you for your help.

How long do you think I should lay off the jogging/running ?.

What about those eliptical machines, can I do interval training on those?

Also with all the new cardio I’m doing my legs are always sore, should I just work through it or is that a bad idea ?.

Sounded like splints to me too. As for getting back into it bloated (damn, whatanick) just listen to your body. Start off super slow and if you feel pain stop. Stretching is always a good idea.

Good on ya for trying new things though, just don’t go too hard too soon.

Elliptical machines can do nicely for interval training. I like to run on them for about 7 minutes warming up, then I will up the resistance about 5 spots and push as hard as I can for 45 seconds. Go back down to a lower resistance for 3 minutes and then do another 45 seconds at higher resistance as hard as I can. I do this 3 or 4 times. They say ellipticals can shorten your stride when running, but I think that is a bigger issue with competetive athletes than with us normal folks.

Lay off until you feel no pain, it may take a while. During my cutting phase I got shin splints bad from doing too much too soon.
I recommend using the eliptical for 45minute cardio once a week…heavy bag for interval training a few times and only actually running (sprints) once a week at first…
You can use the eliptical for interval stuff but i prefer to use it for my one long session. I like to have some impact during my interval training. Also, you can try some of the renegade circuits with mountain climbers, situps, med ball, jump rope, most of which are easier on the shins than sprints…for me anyway.

Shin splints typically occur higher up the shin as it’s the Tibialis Anterior tearing away from it’s proximal attachment site. Could be this though, tough to tell without more info.

Could be a tendonitis problem, that feels kind of like you’re on fire though only when you move.

Where exactly is the pain say, in relation to the bony bump on the inside of your ankle (medial malleolous, sp)?

That would help, plus exactly what sort of feeling is it? What does the wear pattern on your old shoes look like? Were they breakingdown evenly or did the inside support or outside supports give first?