Pain & Lump 12 Days after Injection in Glute

Hey Guys new here. 2mls sustanon 250 in my right upper glute 12 days ago. Painful lump, no redness… day 5 or so I had fever in my sleep and started doing some research about a possible abcess etc. I’m wondering if anyone else has had a lump for this long. I’m not trying to go to the er unless I have too but it’s the longest pip/ pain I’ve had and and I’m not able to do much unless I’m pumping ibuprofen into me. Lumps gone down some but still significant obviously can’t diagnose without going in etc but I’m thinking to wait at least three or four more days to see if it subsides.

I am going to venture a guess and it really is not a guess. When you say sustanon you really mean a UGLs copy of sustanon aka a 250mgs per ml of blended test esters in a vial with a sustanon sounding name that you yourself did NOT purchase directly from a north american aka USA pharmacy.
Basically the shot crashed once it got into your muscle tissue. This could be because they did use enough organic solvents but there is a school of thought that says you don’t need ANY solvents to hold traditional amounts of estered hormones as long as you hear them high enough and long enough to fully melt. The other part of why it might crash has already been stated, it was not heated high enough or long enough. So the question is what to do???

First make sure you don’t have an abscess and I doubt you do because it would have caused other issues by now and probably come to a head and started leaking.
I personally think you should just try to heat that vial real well for a minute then before every shot re heat it. To properly hear and melt the highest melting point in sustanon or a copy of sust would require you to get to test props melting point, I wouldn’t try that in a vial like that. I would get a small sauce pan and put about an inch of water in it then stand the vial in it and slot heat while swirling the vial. I would get it all the way to boiling temp and keep swirling for a few. Then wrap it in a dry towel and let it cool slowly. The slow cool is more important than folks realize. Then try your next shot. If you have issues again I would try heating it before every shot, you could use a hair dryer or take a wet cloth and microwave until it’s steaming, place the vial inside the cloth until the vial is hot to the touch. Hotter the better, you won’t damage the hormone with heat.

Now if you did actually purchase the sustanon from a USA pharmacy then chances are your muscle tissue is just sensitive to test prop or you did too large a volume or went to fast or your muscle was tense and you tore it.
Good injection technique is vital. You want to manage the volume per different muscle groups. You want to be relaxed so if your going into your glute, lay down on your side then pin the glute when there is no load on it. If your standing then there is a load on the glute and you will have to tear tissue to get the shot in. And lastly go ssssooooo ssssssslllllllllooooooowwwwwwww. A 1 ml shot should take almost a minute if you have any sort of history with PIP.

Try all that and let us know if you’re still crippled.


Yes a ugl copy thanks for venturing honestly I don’t know much and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m in need of some help in a lot of areas. This is the first time I’ve had any issues and I’ve run sust before. Anyway I decided to switch it up and set that aside for now and I’m starting test e 1.5 and npp 1.5 every five days.

Telling us volumes of how much your pinning only helps if you tell us the concentration. I have seen test enanthate from 200mg a ml to 600mg a ml. NPP is usually 100 but I have seen 200.

I personally want you to really think about using that NPP it is the same hormone as deca and go read up on all the crazy possible side effects associated with deca. It is hormone roulette, so many of us have no issue then there is the guy that pins it once and has a flacid/floppy cock for years and years. You just need more experience before you risk having to deal with nandrolones possible side effects, imo that is.

You yourself said you are new to this, just stick with test. The reality is and this goes for all of us more seasoned guys as well, you can do 90-95% of your wildest fantasy body with just test. The other compounds might allow a quicker avenue for certain traits but basically anything you can realistically fantasize about getting with the help of AAS, you can get with just test.

The second part of that is the first time you dance with any hormone will usually be your best response mg for mg. So save those super responsive times for when you can take advantage of them with proper experience. I am years into this journey and I wish I had held back with trying everything. Seriously I don’t like that I jumped in and tried everything so soon. I know I waisted those first responses. It’s not even about the money its about that response. The further you get into this the more and more it takes to get X result. I will never again be able to get on a cycle and gain 15-20 lbs of lean mass in a 12-15 week cycle. Right now I am lucky to steadily gain 5 or so per year. I could try mega dosing but I doubt even that would return anything crazy in terms of significant increases in gains.

Provided you are anything under 4-5 cycles then stick with test. Really even for serious guys looking to go full out and try to be a pro even then the first three cycles should be just test. One to see what happens, two to verify the results and three to verify you can manage side effects.

That’s my thoughts on the subject and I know basically no one will listen or follow but still just be careful with that NPP because nandrolone is a progesterone and it does it’s own types of side effects besides estrogen.

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Test e 300 npp 100 prostasia. I started two years ago and have been thru five or six. Last March I stopped and cruised and am just starting back up now. I had some issues with getting it up and followed that with mallegra. Like I said I need a lot of help and am just now starting to look into stuff more I have no idea about a lot of the terminology you say no nothing about pct or just been blasting eating lifting and stopping when I go back to work I’m the spring which is a labor intensive self employed job so I can’t work out or much I do this in the winter months because I take the winters off. When I stopped last March I cruised doing test e 300 1.5 like once a month. Hey don’t hold back and tell me what I need to hear I appreciate you taking the time to help out and I’m gnna do what you said.!