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Pain Linked: Left Shoulder, Rt Hip

Hi all. I read one of the recent articles (cannot for the life of me remember which it was) but the author (a trainer) mentioned something along the lines of training his clients for strength/stability in a certain fashion because they often exhibited injury/pain in one shoulder, and the hip on the opposite side.

I have had issues with my left shoulder for a long time. The pains come and go; have done rehab and strengthening at the biokineticist, as well as physio work and some deep massage. What many have said though as that they find the shoulder to be “laxe”. In the past few years I have also gotten pains in my hip - always only the right side. That included the hip, upper glute, ITB, lower back - the entire right-hand side “hip complex” so to speak.

I wanted to ask if anyone has further info, or know where I can read up on, the linkage between pains in one shoulder and the hip on the opposite side. I have tried searching here and other sites, to no avail.

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for what its worth, i have a similar thing…my left hip is constantly tight or agitated, which has given me a Tonne of grief, and my right shoulder has been troublesome for 5-6 years now, and i have no stabilization (ie, cant lift arm in front without shoulderblade “winging” out unless really focussed, and only with light weight, while my left side is fine)

sorry that doesnt help, but your not alone, and although my injuries may be cooincidental, i’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback - good to know I am not alone. I actualy had issues with both shoulders over the past 5-6 years. It all started with the left though, with impingement syndrome. That is when I took a lot of time off and worked with physios and biokineticists. The right shoulder was not tendon/ligament related - it was bone/structure related (clavicle osteolysis for which I had clavicle resection surgery).

The left one started acting up again though. I think it may have started after the surgery when the left shoulder “took over” or perhaps overcompensated. I too have winging scapulae - have worked for a couple of years on strengthening and rehab - while stability has improved, the winging remains.

The hip issues are an anomoly - they came out of nowhere, and I have since had a lot of work done on it, including getting orthotics and numerous chiro sessions. Hopefully the link between the two comes out of this thread as it would indeed be interesting to know how they relate to each other.

BUMP…anyone perhaps know about the link?

I can’t remember the exact article, but Eric Cressey is your man- the one I think you’re talking about was largely related to training baseball players.