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Pain: Knot in Left Spinal Erector, Biceps (Tendon?) when Benching


Hey guys,

I have some pain in my left spinal erector when deadlifting, squatting, and moving a certain way. I normally get a small knot there every now and then and can work it out with a foam roller…not this time :frowning: . Ive tried a foam roller and rolling slowly on a baseball to work the knot out. I can now feel a bigger lump there. Both my dead lift and squat form are pretty good (can post vids if needed) I also havent gone super heavy with my lifts. havent pulled over 540 since January 1st (max is 675) and havent squatted over 600 since around the same time (705 max). Ive been keeping everything moderately light and focusing on speed, form and setup. Its been hurting bothering me for a few days and I tried to roll it out before bed, woke up and the lump is bigger. How do I get rid of the giant knot without a doctor (dont have time for that).

On a separate note killing 2 birds with one stone. When unracking bench I get a pain in my inner bicep near the arm pit (believe its the bicep tendon) doesnt matter if its 135 or 405 I still feel it. Internet said not to worry. The unrack and lockout is the only time I feel it…other than that I dont feel it the rest of the lift. advice?

Looking forward to the feedback!