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Pain Killer and One Rep Max


If I was to take a 30mg oxy pain killer pill tonight around 9pm will the pain killer effect my one rep max bench press tomorrow afternoon?


this seems important.


If it makes you groggy, or too relaxed and it lasts until the next day then it can. But I'm sure 30mg won't last that long in your system so you should be ok.


Take it an hour before hand and do fat line of coke, you'll score a new PR. Kidding...although I hope you have a legit reason for taking oxy's they are quite addicting from what I have seen. You should be alright, but I am doubting it's something that would not eventually lead to a decrease in performance. Why do you need to take it if that' alright to ask?


If you are taking 30mg of oxy, then you should have an ailment bad enough that you really shouldn't be shooting for PRs the nex day.... even if it is in your pinky toe... IMO


a 1RM is a waste of of a week anyway, why worry?


Only if the bar drops onto your head.