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Pain Inside of Elbow From Low Bar Squats

Ever since I start low bar squatting I’ve been getting alot of forearm/bicep pain around the inside of my elbows area. I’ve adjusted my grip in various ways and focusing on really supporting the bar on the “shelf” but in still getting it, not as bad as I was but I think that must be from the adjustments I’ve made.
If anyone has some tips I’d appreciate it.
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Get a thicker bar with less flex for squats.
Do dislocations and general flexibility work for your shoulders.
Try a thumbless grip (aka False Grip if you’re benching)

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Personally I can say that playing with my grip width and going thumbless has done the job.

There’s dozens of YouTube videos on this if you search up elbow or biceps pain in the squat.

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Grip width is a big deal. A lot of “how to” videos have you being really tight, which is fine if you have the shoulder mobility. Adjust it until it’s comfortable for you. You should be able to stay tight and not have shoulder pain. Low bar wrecks my shoulders too. I do my warm up sets with my hands touching the plates and when I do a working set I get tighter. For me, touching the plates makes the lift harder but I’m able to get warm without shoulder pain


Is the elbow pain something that started as soon as you started doing low bar squats, or is it something that came up after a few sessions? If the first, adjusting grip as many have said here is the way to go. If the latter, try decreasing the frequency that you low bar squat, using variations that don’t bother your elbows on other days. If I do typical moderate volume low bar squatting once a week, after about 3 weeks my shoulders and elbows start feeling trashed, so what I’ve found is that by low bar squatting only once every 3 weeks and doing variations everywhere else my shoulders and elbows stay happy (I typically squat 2x a week, so in a 3 week period 5 workouts are variations, 1 is low bar). During meet prep I’ll add in a second low bar day, but I also add in more warm up and recovery to help with the added stress.

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By the way, other than being a little shaky with your walkout/setup, your squat technique looks quite good.

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I would give talon grip a shot. It’s worked great for me. Also your rack height be 1 notch high. Looked like you walked out of the hooks unless I’m seeing things. That could also cause pain of your using your hands to push it over the hooks.


Thanks. It started immediately so I think I’m gonna have to swap to thumbless wide grip and see if that works, if not I’ll probably do something like you do and low bar squat less frequently. At least that’d make it more tolerable.

This is actually a very good point. I actually do have get it over the hooks a little bit awkwardly coz they’re a tiny bit too high. Problem is when I drop them one notch lower it feels really low.

I had pain in my arms and shoulders from squatting for a long time, the only things that fixed it is cutting squatting back to 1x/week or using a SSB for a 2nd day. Other back squat variations (high bar, different bars) might cause less strain but will still aggravate it to some extent, depends how bad it is.

To me it looks like you’re too upright for low bar and a lot of the weight is supported by your arms. More horizontal back angle will help I bet.