Pain in Wrist When Bench Pressing

When i benchpress my right wrist is bending more backwards than my left, i have tried to focus on holding it straight but with no help, i cannot see the problem myself my spotter always notice it. I get pain in the wrist after and under pressing. I lay the bar in the palm of my hand and grab it really tight + i use wrist wraps and really try to cast my wrists. I seriously dont know what to do about it, i have taken a break but it comes back as soon as i start pressing. I dont want to give up on the benchpress because of this shitty problem please help if anyone has some advice


Some ideas: thumbless grip, get some ART, forearm curls/grip work

if you are casting your wrists correctly and with a good pair of wraps they won’t bend back. I have a pair of heavy elitefts 36inchers and i’ve held over 700lbs in my hands and my wrists literally can’t bend backwards.

the only problem is i am not allowed to use a thumbgrip or extra long wrist wraps when competing, but thanks for your inputs will try it anyway

36" wrist wraps are legal in plenty of federations, even stricter ones. There are also plenty that allow a false grip.