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Pain in Weird Areas While Deadlifting

hello fellow lifters. i’ve gotten some wierd pains down stairs, around my penis, also between my penis and anus.
first time i feelt it was at my last deadlift sesson. but it was no big deal. but today during my deadlifts i had that feeling as soon as the i loaded the bar with some weights. i did my workout anyway. now a couple hour later after laying in my bed, i can barely walk without a horrible pain down there.

i would not say that my form on my deadlift is bad. im doing my lifts propper and i have ben doing it for 2 years now. and im also an comptetive athlet.

no one at my gym has ever heard this before, so they just told me to do my warmup abit longer and start with some sumo-deadlifting. but i dont belive that would solve this type of problem.

anyone ever heard about this before and maybe know something about it?
thanks for reading, and i hope anyone has something usefull to tell me.

I’ve never had a hernia but sounds like that, possibly just a strain. How do your sets go, weight reps wise

it hurts to this day.

right now im doing a cycle for my next meet. so yesterdays deadlift was

192.5 kg x2. 200kg x2. 212kg x2 220kg x2 230kg x2 240kg x2

this was my workingset. but already at first at 192.5 i felt it.

i will look up hernia and se if my symthoms match…

I kind of got something like that a while back. All I could pin it on was the corner of my belt getting jammed into my lower abs because I had it too low for deadlifting that day. Bugged me a bit for a few weeks and then cleared up. Sorry, not very helpful.

I’m assuming your not getting any problems with numbness or anything in the area? Or problems with passing urine etc?