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Pain in trap

Guys I have a question for you. I am having just about constant pain starting at the base of my head and running my trap. I think it’s muscular cause it subsides with heat and ibuprofen. HAs anyone else experienced this and what do you reccomend. Could it be from holding the bar in the wrong spot on my squats. I have no access to an ART specialist locally as I checked the website and the closest provider to me is 2 hours away.

Gosh, nhiron, the closest competent ART specialist is 8 hours away from me, and I’ll be headed up that way in the next couple of months. ART is that good, especially if it’s an experienced, talented practitioner.

If you can’t get ART, are you covered for physical therapy under your insurance? PT is a viable option to ART for diagnosing and correcting this kind of stuff.

Hopefully someone smarter than me will stop by with better advice.

A 2 hour trip is definetly worth it! Thank god I have one 15 minutes from where I live. ART has done wonders for a bum knee and RC injury I had.

Sounds like your levator scapulae. Do you have forward head posture?

It’s best to get ART from a good referral source. It is a skill based technique, so some providers will do better than others.

my bro had a similar problem. Be sure to try a regular shrug but instead of bringing your shoulders up-words, try to consintrait on drawing your shoulder blades together. I think you should use ice rather then heat, most trainers use ice on muscle pain.