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Pain in Trap/Shoulder Blade During Squats

This doesn’t occur after every time I do squats. Only certain times…not sure what is causing it.

Based on Rippetoe’s Starting Strength book I totally revamped my squat form. I use a narrow grip and set the bar low on the back (as opposed to high on the traps).

Heels are shoulder width apart.
Toes are pointed out.
Wrists straight.
Eyes looking at the floor several feet in front of me.
And of course, I squat very deep.

There is no pain while I’m doing the movement. In fact, it feels great following Rippetoe’s prescribed form as I feel like I’m hitting the posterior chain much more now as I now implement hip drive.

But after I’m done with the set, I will sometimes feel pain in my upper left trap and this pain/strained feeling will also affect my left shoulder blade area.

It’s not a sharp pain. It’s more of a dull ache that lasts a few hours. The pain is not intense…but it’s there and it’s gotta be indicative of something…

I think it’s either related to bar positioning (perhaps too low? Still too high?) OR perhaps my grip is TOO narrow?

Hopefully some of you more seasoned guys have some experience with this and can provide some input/feedback.

Thank you

Figured it out. The grip was too narrow. Widened it slightly and no more pain during squats today.

lol, love self resolving problems!

You were probably forcing a muscle to stretch too far and were developing knots or a strain with the former grip.

Body positioning is pretty amazing.

yeah I was overexagerating the whole “narrow grip” approach as prescribed by Rippetoe. Everything feels great now =D

Off topic, why look at the floor? I never heard of that.