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Pain in Trap, Physio Can't Pinpoint Injury


I have an injury, or so it seems, in my upper left trap, in the far left corner of the trap.
I get a sharp pain when i 'flex' my shoulder dow, imagine trying to get your left elbow down as far you could
The pain is worse when i push my shoulder down and then forward, similar to a most muscular pose

I also get this pain in my upper trap, on the back of my body, when in a pushup position

As you can probably tell it is a very weird injury, and usually when i wake up it is at its worse, when i warm up it seems to be at its best

Currently cant train anything other than legs, training chest seems to be the worst

If anyone has ny ideas i will be very grateful


Who/what is a 'physio'?

Based on your description, my first two thoughts:
1) An acromioclavicular-related issue that 'feels' like trap pain (ie, referred pain, or a simple misinterpretation on your part).
2) A radiculopathy secondary to a cervical condition.

Whatever the cause, it sounds like you need to find a physician to evaluate this. Good luck.


Thanks for the reply, it might be Australian but physio is short for physiotherapist, generally deal with injuries and rehab over a docotor
Ill read up on the points you made


Are you also feeling pain in your AC joint?

Also can you elaborate more on exercises where you feel pain and where.


Physio=physical therapist.


Possibly c4 radiculopathy.


sort of... physical therapy is a doctoral level program, i believe. physiotherapy (in the commonwealth - i think?) isn't. it is a 4 year first degree program.