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Pain in Thigh After Injection

Hi I have been in misery all these days and finally thought of asking you guys , I injected vitamin b12 (2ml) in my thigh last week after almost 4 days i injected Test Cyp (1ml/250mg/ml) , i have been taking test earlier and doing it correctly i.e cleanly and swabbing . never had this much pain. So after the cyp injection the next day evening almost after 24 hours and some long walk I started feeling feverish and had a sweaty night took combiflame ( ibruofen + paracetamol) next day was revived by afternoon. day went well. but after waking up the next day the pain started in my thigh . There is no redness at all but my injected area is a bit stiff. I can walk and all but cant bend my leg completely , it feels as if one of my upper thigh muscle is getting stretched. I started taking ammox and brufen. I do feel a bit relieved during the day but after the workout in evening it starts paining again when i try to bend. Please tell me what is it . I hope its not an abscess as there is no redness or pitting edema. please note I have been taking test in past and never had such painful experience but it was my first time injecting b12 and it was my first time i forgot to not inject in the same muscle .

it will pass don’t worry give it 4 or 5 days

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its been 4 days now i guess, sitting with a heat pack right now :frowning:

You had a reaction to the solvent in your test.

will i be fine ?

but it was my fourth shot of cyp from the 1ml glass vial , didnt happen from earlier shots

You’ll be fine.

thanks a ton guys , will keep you updated.

Do a search on this site re: PIP. should provide you all the potential answers.
Any juice with ethyl oleate as a solvent gives me a similar painful reaction, hard to bend the leg, and swelling. Very painful, especially if you keep doing the same vial for this whole cycle. This is why I homebrew now, because you have control over the oil, and solvents(plus its much cheaper)
Oh yeah avoid the quads, use the glutes as much as possible, maybe the delts too.

Upadate: Finaly after 4 days my pain and swelling was gone, cant explain the feeling of relief . Thanks to everyone for support and advice.

I would not be so quick to blame the solvent. It is entirely possible he pinned into the rectus femoris muscle. Done it once. Surely does hurt.

Ahh man… the delts hurt me like a bad shoulder injury… can’t even sleep on them… I only hit them like 1x month… quads are awesome for me, glutes are least pip… biceps are good to hit with 1cc or less… there’s a whole website with HOW much each muscle area can take and where exactly to pin… Google dat