Pain in the Upper Trap from Snatches/Barbell Rows

While doing snatches, I was getting like a snapping pain every time I would put the weight down, right in my upper conjunction of my shoulder blade and trapezius muscle in the neck. Any tips on how to correct posture, or what to do to get rid of this pain. It doesn’t hurt, only during the movement. I also get it when I finish doing bent over rows, and I return the barbell to the rack. It is right in the supraspinatus or levator scapulae area. so grateful for any help. Thanks so much!

I take it you don’t have bumper plates and can’t drop the weights? The higher you get the more it jerks when you have to put the weights down. Try and keep the weight in as near as you can to your body when coming down from the jerk. Are you swing the weight out when you return the weight in your bent over rows? Don’t. Are you doing face-pulls? If not, add them.

so in both movements, the key is to keep the weight close to the body? And how do face pulls help, just so I know on which muscles I need to be aware of. Thanks

Yes. Bent over rows I do to the waist to hit the Lats. Make sure you’re not letting the bar drift up towards your upper body. The face pull is an excellent exercise for developing the low and middle trapezius, as well as the external rotators of the shoulder.

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thanks so much to you all! I hope it helps me.