Pain in the Right Lower Arm

Hello all,
I have a nagging pain in my right lower arm. It starts a few cm below my elbow and shots down my arm towards my wrist. It hurts when I do stuff like curls, deadlifts (when right hand is facing away from me, but not when facing me), pushing weights on and off bars. It’s on the outside of the arm.

Has anybody had this problem, and if so how did you solve it.

I added a picture of where it hurts.

Possible problems- To much Wii (it is your screen name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?, but for real now… Probably a strained muscle or tendonitis (from too much wii… ok i’ll stop now), some sort of Itis (inflamation). I had this problem too, and know PLENTY of people who have had it too, probe around your forearm with your other hand and push down, feel where it feel like there is a knot and/or where it is sore when you press, now massage this area for a few min every day, stretch out the forearms, it’ll go away. I also found that sticking to EZ bars for stuff like BB curls helped a lot for preventative measures (lessnes torsion and tension of wrists). hope this helps, good luck

Thanks for the advice, I will stretch it and start using a EZ bar.

Ps. I blame the videogames :frowning:

EZ curl bars are a good idea long term.

Also, maybe you should try switching over to hook grip on your deadlifts. Your body is more symmetrical that way, and your other arm won’t have to be in the compromising underhand position.

(I’ve heard some people complain that it doesn’t work with heavier weights, but I’ve hook gripped 500 lbs without an issue, and I’m far from “hyuge.”)