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Pain in the Pec

I started noticing something off with by pecs/shoulders today when I went to do some supplemental work after my dynamic effort bench. I did a few reps of rack lockouts with something I should easily be able to rep out, and think it is me just not warming up enough and waited a few minutes to try again and it still felt off so I went to see if anything else felt alright, did some 1.5 bench presses, nope, then did some close grip floor presses and felt fine until I started to get a pain in my right pec.

I do very little if anything for my chest, and all it gets is indirect work:bench, floor, close grip, close grip incline, lockout, ect what exactly should I do for this? Try to avoid the chest for a little while then start training it more? I did some light flys to get blood flowing to the chest. (10 pound plates per hand and 20 reps so very light)

I had a pretty bad pec tear from doing rack lockouts. Conceptually they are a great exercise but fundamentally they have some issues. I always favored board press because you can more easily gauge the proper bar position on your chest. When doing rack lockouts I believe I had the bar positioned way too high when I began pressing and it went downhill from there.

Anyway, keeping blood in the area would be an extremely intelligent thing to do. I am more or less prone to pec strains after my original injury and constant movement usually helps a ton. Try doing wall push-ups and varying the degree of incline as things start to feel better. Do this throughout the day making sure you are moving slow with limited to zero pain in the area. I have found strains that I would have freaked out about years ago, pretty much vanish after 1-2 weeks of keep the area filled with blood.

It is mostly gone while training, and I don’t notice it when not. Blood was kept into the muscle with just repping out with the barbell for floor presses, and push ups. I guess I’ll keep some type of incline press (close, normal, and jm press) in my training.