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Pain in the Outside of Hips

When I squat my knees come in because of tight adductors. Whenever I do any groin stretches however I cant stretch any further because I get pain in the outside of the hips (around piriformis) which prevents me from stretching any further

Anybody know what’s causing this? Or is it a simple case of needing to do more stretches for the priformis

Outside of hips?

I would get a tennis ball or golf ball and use that to put pressure on the area that is painful. It should release the tight muscles. Put the ball on the floor, lay on top of it and try to relax the area you’re working on fully. Find the spots that are most painful and put the pressure there. You should feel yourself sink into the ball when the release happens.

Fair warning - this WILL hurt, probably a lot. But it should also fix the problem.

Foam rolling your legs is a good move too - it’ll prevent this kind of thing.

look up defrancos hip mobility. its a video of 9 or so exercises

I have to give credit to STB for showing me this website, mobilitywod.com, AWESOME site.

Thanks for all of the advice guys

Find a MAT specialist in your area. They’ll find out what is actually going on with your body.

DeFranco’s Agile 8.

Foam rolling the adductors and lacrosse balling the piriformis will help your squat mobility immensely.

How do you know the problem comes from tight adductors? Might as well be another inflexibility like hip flexors or hamstrings/glutes. Look for an article fixing Your force couples, hips don’t lie. This will enlighten you