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pain in the NECK

I have a horrid neck and trap. injury that i’ve had for a year.
Since i live in Australia NSW,we don’t have active release,is there any other alternative.Any other Aussies out there who’s had this problem???.

Don’t know anyone in NSW. If you were in Melbourne I would highly recommend Andrew Locke at the Auburn Spinal Clinic,(yes,he is the Andrew Locke who has a column in Australian Ironman) he really knows his stuff. Maybe you can call him and see if he can recommend someone in NSW?

Does Andrew use ART? I have a fucked shoulder (rotator) that’s been that way for about 6 years and need it fixed ASAP-it’s finally driven me nuts!

I don’t know, he doesn’t advertise it if he does. Ring and ask him, explain your situation.
Years ago, I fucked my rotator cuff in grand style, was so bad at one point it felt like the joint was full of gravel. I went to see Dr Margaret Taylor in Adelaide (I used to live there),she gave me some prolotherapy which was amazing, felt better the same day. This little known therapy uses a mixture of glucose and lignocaine injected directly into the injured area. I can’t speak highly enough of it. I was pleased to see an article in Muscle and Fitness a few months ago on it.

Thanks-I’m going to call him tomorrow. BTW, how is your shoulder now?

Apollo the shoulder is fine, stronger than ever. I do have to avoid certain excercises like dips, apart from that no worries. I regularly do external rotation RC movements, and will always do so. When your shoulder is sufficiently healed I would strongly recommend you do the same. After my injury I used the shoulderhorn gizmo that I ordered from the states, it is excellent. However you can work your RC in a similar fashioon one arm at a time resting your elbow on a preacher bench and also doing Cuban rotations, start off light!
I also bench completely differently to what I used to. Elbows in, shoulder blades retracted back and down, bringing the bar LOW on the chest. Forget this bringing-the-bar-high-on-your-chest-with-your-arms-out-wide-to-get-a-good-stretch bullshit. The people who give this kind of advice must have a financial interest in the physiotherapy industry!
BTW,I was in Borders last night,that prolotherapy article is in the current local edition of Muscle and Fitness, must have been in a Air freighted US copy that i saw it a couple of months ago.

How long did the treatment take, and how long was the recovery? Only I’m in the middle of a cycle and don’t want to take more than a couple of weeks off! I heard that theat was the beauty with ART-only a few sessions to fix the problem.

Boy, that was a while ago, but I would say roughly a couple of weeks with the prolotherapy, then a few weeks working on the ROM with a chiro, then I started using the shoulderhorn, and soon after that started benching again.

I had a bad neck trap type injury too. One thing that helped the most. I think anyway is a foam pillow that is shaped for your neck. You know the ones you see advertised on tv. I still use it. I’m pretty sure it helped my neck. I think I’m going to get another one soon that is new and firm. Try it and let me know. Sorry for grammer…tired. :slight_smile:

Ekul, might be worth your while getting `Treat Your Own Neck’ by Robin McKenzie, his books are short,to the point and very helpful. I would still seek advice, but it would probably benefit you to read this book,you can get it at amazon for $US10.

Hey where do u get those special pillows?,are they very comfortable and easy to sleep on?.