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Pain in the foot

Does anyone else get a pain in the bottom of their foot (instep) while doing calf raises? It also bothers me when I am descending a set of tall stairs and putting pressure on that foot. Please help!

Bump, please.

Yep, when I go heavy. I’ve backed off from calves and now only do weight that I can do for 15-20 reps. I’m going to get the growth from stretching negatives on the last reps. I’m hoping to build a base so that I can do those super-heavy 6RMs again.

Anybody else have some advice?

Sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. Did you make a change to your calf training? Sudden increase? I got this condition when running and making a change to doing a lot of hills or stair running. Also, check your shoes (all of them). Did you switch to something that has a stiffer sole? By going to a stiffer sole, you put the push-off point farther forward on the foot, effectively increasing the lever arm that the calf must overcome on pushoff. Rest is key, and some anti-inflammatories (but NOT aspirin) can help.