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pain in the chest

I was wondering if anyone has ever, after a chest workout, develop pain in the left chest region tha hurts upon inhaling exhaling. I’m I having a friggin’ heart attack or did I just overdo it the other day?

IF they’re what I get (they sound similar) then it’s just a pinched nerve or something. It get them out of the blue maybe once a month. They’re stunningly painful.

They’re rather funny too, especially when I have a new girlfriend. We’ll be hanging out and suddenly I’ll get a pained look and gasp and clutch my chest. Yeah. That’s not scarey to see. Heh. And then, after about 20sec of swallowing the pain, I can explain what they are.

I’ve gotten this but when I was sick and didn’t know it. I had pleurosy (sp?) and had no side effects. I went to the doctor the next day and found out I had it. I then went to basketball practice (big mistake) and ended up VERY sick for the next week and a half. It could be that or bronchitis???

You got a rib out of place. Probably a couple ribs out of place. I can describe some adjustments if you like.

Speaking of pains in the chest, does anybody else’s chest crack and pop like a knuckle? Right in the area of each pec that attaches to the sternum?

HB, I bet you do dips. I do assisted dips and started getting real aggresive about dropping the amount of assistance and am just on the verge of doing unassisted dips. My sternum (not the muscles) hurts; it feels like someone stuck a baseball bat in my chest – hard! I asked one of the guys in the gym about it, and he said that because of doing dips he can make the bone there crack and pop.

Ahhh, the price we’re willing to pay for the perfect body. (grin)

The pain might be a muscle spasm or something of the sort in response to a lactic acid build up in your pectoral muscles. It could also be a lack of sodium or potassium in your body, which would result in a very shaky workout and improper form, thus causing a pain in your chest. Try doing a little cardio after every workout and eating fruits like bananas about half an hour after a workout. Drinking some gatorade or just water in between sets might be helpful as well. If the pain still doesn’t stop after a week or so, consult a physician.