Pain in the Back of My Head?

Yep had it twice, once on 15th pull up and once on rep 18 of 20 rep squats, took 24 hours each time then i was good as gold. Could feel the pain throb with every heartbeat inside the base of the skull.

I had similar headaches when straining, mostly during deadlifts. As an added bonus I had AttackOfTheChris’s problem too. Straining on the toilet also bought it on. So really most of life’s pleasures sucked for eight weeks.

I went to a physio who applied forward pressure to the sides of the top two vertebrae in my spine. Looking at she applied pressure to the four points in the top centre.

As she did each I got a bad headache that moved from the back of my head to the front then slowly faded. Each spot took 30 secs or so and was done once only. She also showed me how to do it myself, basically find the points and apply pressure aiming for the eye, you don’t have to be that accurate.

After two visits I don’t get headaches at all. They referred to this as the “Watson’s” technique. A quick google search brings up a load of commercial sites very carefully not explaining what it actually is.

This is obviously not going to be a cure-all as headaches can have many causes but this did work for me.

On the other hand, before the physio I saw a doctor about this and she immediately sent me for a CAT scan - doctors take this sort of thing seriously (worried about aneurysm apparently). As Rek says doc visits are free.

Just an update, havent been to the doctors yet will be booking tomorrow though.

Dont seem to get any pain in most of my lifts, I only seem to get problems with DB benching and strangely it starts even during my warm up sets when there is no strain.

Had a sports massage last night made sure to look at my neck no matter which way my head was pushed I did not feel anything wrong, so wondering whether or not it is a muscle strain.

Getting odd twinges in my head every now and then…

What is the latest with your headache? I just got another one myself last Friday and still trying to work through it. Been to the chiro 3 times now along with massage and even some A.R.T by the chiro is slowly helping. Usually take a few weeks for it to go away completely for me. BTW, mine happened on rep 18 of my widowmaker on DC<

i had something fairly similar happen earlier this week - only it was fairly odd since it was actually during DB shoulder presses, so obviously no pressure directly on the spine as from a BB. There was a weird pressure in the back of my head, it bugged me for about 10 minutes at the most, then subsided. i could feel it again, though much less severe later that night but it hasn’t bothered me since. kinda freaked me out for a while, but it seems to be alright now - just have to be mindful to breathe properly (though i am always really conscious of this since i’ve seen people almost pass out from Valsalva before, though I can’t honestly say for sure that I was on that particular set since the most prevalent memory of it was the pain in my head) it sorta felt like i might have burst a blood vessel or something, but it seems like that’s one of those things you’d get a bit more consequence from and wouldn’t just stop 10 min. later…

I recently had this problem. Took about 2 weeks rest and chiro visits, with a few massages also.

The problem, for me was a couple sublaxations in the neck and my skull was slightly tilted left and back, thanks to years of sitting behind the damn computer. When I look back at it, the pain was most likely triggered by bad form and breathing towards end of sets when I switched to something higher rep based than what I was used to.

Been back at training for couple weeks and it feels fine but this has at least kicked my ass into actually concentrating 100% on form and reps. Still a few movements give that scary feeling like it’s about to start. Dumbell bench press and seated shoulder presses.

Folding a towel a few times and putting it behind the beck of my head seems to remove all problems with shoulder pressing because it helps control the head from tilting back. DB bench too but it still makes me anxious doing them, so I’ve omitted that for now.

Hope that helps. And seriously concentrate on breathing :slight_smile: It is a freaky feeling though when it starts happening. I thought my head was about to pop.

i have the same thing only its in my right cheek bone and goes to back of my head. i think its because i got in fight with this guy and it was like a 10 minute fight. we were both really fucked up. him more so. but my nose was broke and i put it in place myself and my cheek was hell of fucked up and shit. and it hurts like fuck when i jump and run