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Pain in the Ass

I have been having some issues with pain from injection on the right side of my ass. Seems like it keeps getting worse each time. Like recovery from it takes about 4 days. Can’t hardly walk each time. Left side is fine. This is now 3 cycle that has included Test Enth. I assume I just need to find alturnate injection sites. Any good recomendations for Test Enth. from anyone? Meaning are legs better than shoulders ect…

I should be relatively painless. I find that if its too shallow then its painful.
Another factor is high BA in underground or stealth gear.
Try wrapping the syringe in a heating pad 10-15 minutes before injecting, injecting slower and maybe even using a 25g pin.

Are you mapping landmarks and locating the injection site properly?

I was, but had pain on one side. I tried massaging the muscles and they were tight. After a while I got the muscles loosened up and the pain stopped when I injected. So give that a try, and all the better if you have a gal to do the deep tissue work.

What kind of gear are you using?

Is it possible you have scar tissue buildup on that side, or always shoot in the same exact spot?

I would go w/ advice above. For now,sit on a heating pad and get a vigorous ass massage for a day or 2.