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Pain in Shoulder from Benching


I have lately been bench pressing very frequently. Last week, I experienced pain in my collarbone where it meets the shoulder. I did some research and my symptoms matched somewhat with subacromial bursitis.

Has anyone else had this sort of pain. The pain isn't excruciating, but it is there nonetheless. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this sort of pain or if anyone can help identify it correctly etc...


I have it right now. I have had it for about 5 months. No pain on shoulder day at all. Just chest day. I warm up like crazy now too. The pain is deep in the joint/socket if I try to feel around for it. Going to the chiro on Thursday to see what he says. Will let you know! I do know it is affecting my bench.


i have it, i think its impingement right on top of the shoulder running along the bone and with the collarbone, ive moved my grip to index finger on rings for benching, somewhat helps also i think my shoulder growth is less in the right arm because of it than my left. i baseball roll the whole shoulder/pec 2-3x a week seems to help a bit


Watch Dave Tate's six week benchpress cure, he says how benching incorrectly leads to shoulder pain.


sounds like ac joint pain, which can be caused by just about everything under the sun.

the shoulder savers series (can find it in article search) would be a good place to start.


Thanks for the feedback guys. What I probably have isn't anything big deal and very likely the result of pressing heavy (0ver 80 %) 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks. I plan on finishing this cycle this week and hope the irritation/pain will subside with significantly less pressing.


does it hurt when you lay on your side to sleep at night??? if so i got that going on too mine is getting to the point where i am about to seek medical attention if i do i will get back with ya with what i get told...


It has not given me much pain other than when I am holding something at my side (a heavy dumbbell, something heavy). The pain when benching is minimal, but there.


Pain at the end of the collar bone with benching is almost always AC joint. It becomes inflamed when it is compressed and moved as the shoulder moves. It's not really an arthritis, but can look like it.

Benching 80% and more 3xweek will do it. There is no rehab for it besides avoiding aggravating factors, and fixing mechanical flaws in the bench press and biomechanical / muscle imbalances. factors.

I would recommend seeing a good orthopedic surgeon for an accurate diagnosis if your problem hangs around to long.


I actually found benching more frequently, higher volume, lighter weight to help my shoulder issues quite considerably and it broke my bench out of a plateau. I use Sheiko 29,37 and 32. I also do more external rotator work than I used to.

I would see a physio (or whatever you call them over there) to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


This topic reeks of bad benching form. How is your arch? I think Webbykun gave some great advice.


I don't think it is my form, but I'll give Tate's video a second look. Thanks Webbykun and bcbasketball.


I watched the video guys. There are totally some things I forgot about when benching regarding arm movement, elbow depth, etc. These factors certainly could have contributed to my pain, and I know see them as very likely causes. I am going to work on my form, and hopefully the pain gets better with better form. Thanks for reminding me guys.


You could very well have a bone spur on your scapula.


Do some hard core face pulls and rear delt work. Should clear up some issues.


It's funny you mention that. I hit my rear delts pretty hard on Thursday of last week and it is sore still, but only on the side where the shoulder pain is.


I second the face pulls. How often do you horizontally row? As well as improving your form, make sure you antagonize your horizontal pushing with horizontal pulling. What does your routine look like now?


shoulder pain on the right side by any chance?


get an MRI bro.


i have a similar problem, i strengthened the shit out of my rear delts and that helped a ton but its still there, but i've discovered my rhomboids are weak as well, and if you stare at my posture you can see my right shoulder sits slightly forward even when i push it all the way back... so im hitting the rhomboids