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Pain in Shoulder, Chest, Clavicle

Looking to see if anyone went through this. Mentioned to my primary doctor that I had an annoying pain in my inner chest that stretched through to my collarbone ,clavicle on my right side and upper arm/shoulder. He pressed around and it was very tender. Told me he thought I had bicep tendenitis. Went to my ortho doctor he agreed and shot me up with a cortisone shot. He did it behind not in the tendons in front but upper shoulder in the back. Didnt want to risk rupturing the bicep tendon. 10 minutes later the pain was unreal.

The 4 area’s where I had mild pain ,the pain was 100 times worse. No pain anywhere other, no pain at the injection site. He told me its a steroid flare likely. But this has gone on for 8 days now. Didnt lift upper at all. Played hockey three times but took myself out of the last game as I developed horrible pain in the tricep when I reached for the puck. Every time anyone touched my arm/shoulder it was the worst. Would send pain radiating .

I cant any answers from anyone as to why after a shot the pain in the complained about area’s is way worse . I have had cortisone shots in other areas before with much success. Have mri set up for Wednesday.

For the longest time, I have had the same symptoms and also thought I had biceps tendonitis. I did some research and learned the infraspinatus can cause referred pain to the same areas you mention and often issues with the infraspinatus are misdiagnosed as bicep tendonitis.

Look up infraspinatus trigger points and see if you can “cause” pain in your areas by using trigger points of the infraspinatus. When I first did it, HOLY COW - pain at the trigger pain and pain in the other areas.

While I may or may not have biceps tendonitis, I definitely have an issue with my infraspinatus that needs addressing. Mine actually causes me to have issues sleeping as pain occasionally will wake me up.

Using a lacrosse ball and a massage gun have definitely helped.

Infraspinatus trigger points

Thank you so much!!!

Good job! MRI showed infraspinatus as one of my problems, with bicep tenditinitis and arthritis in the a c joint. Your good!! Hhahahah

I am glad you know the full extent of your issues now.

I don’t know what the doctor is going to prescribe for you but I have been resting the affected side (doing dumbbell workouts for the unaffected side), using NSAIDS and having dry needling done. Slowly but surely, it is helping.

He didnt really offer anything. I was kind of thinking of just going back to working out and playing hockey. Haha. And i was going to do that trigger thing you linked. Thanks again man.