Pain in Shoulder, Advice?


Got a lot of great advice here when i tore my bicep back in february, so im hoping the for the same again.

Im having pain in my left shoulder, started a few weeks ago, initially it was very very dull and only slight, didn’t inhibit any exercises or anything. I really only felt it when incline pressing (barbell), I could military press, flat bench, dip etc with no probs.

Now, for the last week, it has been constantly aching, nothing major, but i know its there, my last shoulder workout was fine, did standing military presses and wide grip upright rows without any problem, then a couple of days after, I trained my chest, flat bench, was ok, I could feel it, but nothing too uncomfortable, probably felt it more in betwen stes than actually pressing, still got my reps done, could only feel it very slightly, but then with the incline, it really impeded my sets, the pain feels like it is in the front delt.

So I will have a week off any pressing movements and see how it goes, but in the meantime i was wondering if anyone has any advice, ideas or has had similar?? so in summary, I have full range of motion, only a dull pain, only really hurts during incline press but can feel it on flat bench. and now constantly aches

any ideas would be greatly appreciated

I’m going to add the disclaimer that I don’t know what I’m talking about here before I say anything else.

Now that that’s out of the way, you might try cutting the ROM on incline pressing a bit, stopping a few inches before you hit your chest and start doing the broomstick stretch before you go to bed. Can’t hurt.

First off, I know jack shit.

That said, are you sure this problem isn’t related to your torn biceps? I tore mine a while back and developed shoulder problems later as a result.

Just a thought, good luck.

Thanks itchy and gaius,

I actually feel the pain a lot more while im stretching,

and it was my right bicep I tore, its my left shoulder with the trouble, thanks anyway

Uh, stop the horizontal pressing for about three weeks, and stop pressing so often after that. Stick with over head presses. Do Dante’s shoulder stretches for a few weeks, do the YMLT shoulder warm ups before doing anything with your shoulders.

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ok, ill try that, thanks brother chris

Look up the Shoulder Savers series on here by Eric Cressey…tons of info.

thanks rhino