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Pain in Shins from Deadlifts

When I do heavy deadlifts (heavy for me) I almost always get pain in my shins. Its not when I’m lifting but in the days after I get the pain. Anyone else get this or know what its caused by? I was thinking it might be my technique, maybe putting too much weight on toes?

Would be grateful for any help

My guess would be that you are right; your technique needs work. You should be “driving from your heels”, and there should not be much weight on your toes.

It may help try to get the feeling of pushing against the ground with your heels. That’s where you should feel it.

Is the pain from bruises, cuts and contusions? Or is it like shin splints?

Yeah you can get shin splints from too much pressure on your toes. Probably shin splints. Get your bum higher at the start and Drive through your heels more.

Yeh I’m pretty sure its shin splits. I’ll have to work on driving through my heals more. Don’t think i’ll be able to lift as much though

[quote]Tomsobey7 wrote:
Yeh I’m pretty sure its shin splits. I’ll have to work on driving through my heals more. Don’t think i’ll be able to lift as much though[/quote]

Well, not at first, anyway. So your ego will take a hit because you won’t be lifting as much. But once you nail the technique, a couple of things will happen.

First, you won’t be hobbling around because your shins are killing you. Second, you’ll be deadlifting with proper form, and you will see your numbers go through the roof. Have fun!

I second the form issue; but also…try some ankle mobility work before you deadlift.

look up some of Eric Cressey’s stuff…that’ll help with the splints too.

Go light and get your form down. You really have to feel like you driving your heels through the floor.

I’m pretty sure Rippetoe has some good youtube videos on deadlifting. That’s what I used to have a basis on deadliftin’ form.

You can get forearm splints too, just out of interest. Gymnists starting the mushroom who have bad form (too much pressure in their fingers rather tahn palms), or practicing their planches on their fingertips get pains along the inside of their forearm bones. The body is just not built to have such pressure going through the extremeties!

It’s funny, because people assume they should be driving 350 lb deadlifts to get results.

You will see better gains by lifting lower weight with perfect form than you will heavy weight with crap form.

The deadlift is NOT the lift you want to be rushing.

I watch guys in the gym rep 350 with a rounded back and no tempo whatsoever. I don’t understand it.

Thanks for all the help. I was going to ask about healing the shin splits but I guess B rocK answered that already.

I’m pretty sure I know what I should be doing form wise now but I’ll look at Rippetoes vids to make sure I know how to do it perfectly.