Pain in Right Spinal Erector

Had this pain near my right middle spinal erector that gets bad when I curve my upper back way forward. I think it’s a rib subluxation (sp?). It happened first from front squats, then I rested and felt it pop back into place (there was an audible pop and a tangible feeling of relief) and then I did front squats a week later, and had the same problem.

So I ditched front squats, especially heavy front squats. Today I was doing sumo deadlifts and felt kind of the same thing. My lower back was alright, but my upper back was curving quite a bit. Should I avoid curving my upper back that much, how do I prevent this from happening again (it’s beginning to get really annoying)?

Going to see the University doctors in a few days once my midterms settle down.

Probably best to see a chiro / osteopath to get an Idea of what’s going on