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Pain in Right Shoulder

Pain in right shoulder, in the back of the shoulder, feels like its on the inside of the socket more so than the muscle. I only feel this pain when I am setting up into Squat position with the barbell sitting on my back. The pain is magnified alot by bringing my hands in closer to my shoulders or if I try to force my elbows under the bar to elevate my chest.


I am not going to try and diagnose your injury but rather give you some things to try. Since I am somewhat familiar with your training, these are some simple suggestions:

  1. Knowing you, there is no way on Gods green earth you are going to stop squatting so try to modify it. Run your hands all the way out and hold onto the collar, keeping your hands against the weights.
  2. Try riding the bar on your traps rather then in the trap grove.
  3. If you are not doing it, stretch your shoulders out during your warm up and under the bar prior to each set.
  4. I think this one is important regardless of your situation; make sure you take the day off before squatting.
  5. For now, it wont hurt to avoid sticking anything in your delt area.
  6. This is a last resort, short of the â??Just don’t do thatâ?? advice, and it sucks. Try to reverse your grip when you squat. I know, NFW but it may still let your put weight on your back.

Sorry to see you posting here bro, things were going well for you. Trust me on this, the hardest part of dealing with an injury goes on in your head. I seriously think this is just an overuse situation and it will slowly fade away if you figure out what caused it. You did take some time off after that meet a few weeks back, right?

Every boxer has a plan until he’s hit. It’s how you deal with being hit that will determine the outcome.

My training partner has had a similar problem and found that wide grip pull ups once per week sorted it after a few, failing that get some of that PEG MGF we were talking about and pin the culprit.

Get someone to watch you do OHP press because if its the same issue my mate had one arm went up straight and the dodgy one went off at a slight angle.