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Pain in Ribs while Deadlifting

2 weeks ago I was in a rush at the gym. I always squat barefoot but in the rush, I didn’t take my shoes off. On my last warm up of squats I had 135 on the bar. On the 3rd rep the balls of my feet pushed into the soles of my shoes pushing me forward. I leaned forward and felt something pop. I felt fine at the time.

Fast forward to this week. I pull 225 on the trap bar. Not heavy but I feel pain in my lower right rib cage. This is only an issue on deadlifts over 200lbs.

Is there a stretch or something I can do to work this out?

They may not be related.
You mean you had a pop two weeks ago and the first sign of pain was this week?
I would say an injury should have shown up sooner.
Did you do a bunch of ab wheel or leg raises before the trapbar that could have caused a cramp?

Sorry, I wrote this last night while at work. I felt pain a few days later when I did sumo deads. That’s why I went to trap bar to see if that would help on my next deadlift workout. It’s not a horrible pain but a nagging pain.

I never do ab work directly.