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Pain in Quad


Been doing a mix of lifting and cardio, alternating days. Monday I lifted with no pain. Tuesday I did some treadmill time, got interrupted by phone calls a couple times, so I lost some intensity. I decided to just add time since I felt good. Did a combo of running and incline walking for about an hour. It was the longest cardio session in quite some time so my legs felt tired, sure, but no pain.

Wednesday, I have a little pain in my right thigh. Looking at it from my view, it is a couple inches back and on the left side of the thigh from the knee. It was not excruciating pain, but rather just a nag at first. I went ahead and lifted (prisoner squats during warm-up, followed by a set of goblet squats, then two sets of heavy deadlifts). I could feel some pain during the squats, and not much at all in the deadlifts.

But the pain increased throughout the night. Stretching or working the muscle causes pain in that area. So I skipped cardio Thursday, just went to a movie, but the rest didn't seem to improve things. Slept through the night fine, but pain was still there Friday morning.

I'm planning to still lift tonight, just skipping all squats and going really light on the deadlifts. Then I plan to rest through the weekend and see how things develop.

Should I be foam-rolling and working through this? Or icing it and resting it for a while?

I really appreciate the help.


don’t know.

is it swollen? if it is swollen / inflammed then i’m not sure that foam rolling will help. is it an achy pain (like doms) or a stabby pain (short / sharp)?

i have trouble distinguishing ‘leave it alone’ pain from ‘foam roll the hell out of that’ pain, too. does it feel cramped?

maybe very gentle massage…

sometimes gentle massage consolidates into a more focused knot that i can deal to with soft tissue work. sometimes the gentle massage results in my realizing that it needs me to lay off it for a bit.

i don’t know. still learning to listen to my body…