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Pain in Posterior Part of Knee


Hi folks,

since (I'd guees, 2-3 weeks) I have some issues at the posterior part of my knee. Right from an anatomical perspectives, I'd guess it's an issue with the plantaris or the top of the soleus, but man, I'm most certainly no expert! (I attached 1 pictures with a circle around the spot.)

I experience the pain when f.ex. doing a calf stretch or after a long period of sitting. Furthermore my knee feels kind of tired and I got a hard time straightening my leg without some kind of discomfort.

Does anyone have an idea what that might be? Personal experience?

What would be the next steps, etc?

Help much appreciated!


Popliteus trigger points perhaps? If so I think the solution is massage.



Already massages the spot with lacrosse ball and towel.
But, the posted website is damn good source!!


Might be baker's cyst


Whats your hamstring tone like? And whats going on in your ankle?


No swelling whatsoever. Might that still be a possibility?

No tightness or pain. Did a test like in the attached picture. No pain or more/less of a stretch in both positions.

I tried to find a trigger point and during that I realized that the (i guess) plantaris stands out much more than on the other side, where I hardly can feel it. But maybe that's just the way I'm build....

I wanted to add, that I do mobility work (foam roll+stretching) everyday. Maybe that might be an important information, dunno...


Yes, you can still have a baker's cyst without swelling at the back of the knee. It takes a good amount of fluid back there to create any swelling. BUT, since you said no visible swelling, by guess is it isn't a baker's cyst because they need to be pretty big to affect your calf.