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Pain in Pectoralis Major. Any Advice?


Yesterday I was doing incline with the barbell when I felt that familiar pain at the top of my right pectoralis major (clavicular head); where the muscle meets the clavicle. Check out http://exrx.net/Muscles/PectoralisClavicular.html for a diagram.

I call it a familiar pain because this is the 3rd time in the past year I feel it. The 1st time, I made the mistake of training through it and had to stop all chest work for 5 weeks, followed by several weeks of very light "rehab" weight.

I finally healed and was back to normal weights, even reaching a new PR on bench. A couple of short months later, the pain strikes again, this time on the left side. Having learned my lesson, I immediately stopped all chest work. It wasn't nearly as bad and only required 2 weeks off.

This brings me back to yesterday. I haven't even reached "normal" weights again from the last injury. Now the pain, though minor, is back on the right side.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I warm up with light weight and static stretch after training. Would ART soft tissue work with a tennis ball help? Could this be knots that need to come out? Maybe switch to dumbells for a while? I need some advice. This is becoming increasingly frustrating to deal with!


I know you all hate when people do this, but I can use the help so...BUMP.