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Pain in My Right Quad

like two weeks ago i started to feel pain in my right quad after lifting. at first i thought i was just sore after my squats but the pain felt sharper and i only felt it on my right leg. since than the pain has still been there. it hurts way worse after i finish doing squats. in fact after my workout when im chilling at home i still feel the pain in my legs.in fact lately i have been trying to practice my squat form at home by doing bodywieght squats and as i went down for the squat the pain got sharper and i coudln’t go lower. This happened to me last thursday after my workout session on monday. when i stretch i also feel the pain in my right quad also when im laying down at home. i usually don’t feel that much pain when i do my first set but on monday i couldn’t squat more than 135 because if i added weight the pain would be more painful.so i ended up skippig my squats.

could i have injured my leg from squatting. i squat 3x a week since i follow the starting strength program. what should i do.

Try stretching and foam rolling before spending money on seeing a specialist