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Pain in My Knees After Squatting Too Heavy

Hi guys.

So I overloaded my knees mistakely during the Christmas time. I lifted 125kgs instead of 120kgs (used the 2.5kg clips and forgot about the additional weights). So unknowingly, I jumped from 117.5kg to 125. From that day onwards, I am having knee pain and lower quads pain. I did some research about it and I found out it might me pateller pain. So I have started doing recovery exercises like box squats on lower weights of around 105kgs for 5x5. And i am gradually increasing the weights for the box squats. I intend to keep doing it until my pain gets better. (P.s the pain 's not that serious, it’s just that I can’t do normal deep squats )

Will deadlifting heavy have any affect on the healing process? Or can I deadlift with lower weights?

If you guys have any suggestions, please help me out. How long would it take to normally heal up?

No doc here, but try stretching your quads. They tend to pull on your knee tendons and make them sore.

Google the modified Thomas stretch (also called the couch stretch), it’s the one where you take knee with your rear foot up on a bench behind you and that knee on the ground, the other foot planted in front. Keep your hip (on the side being stretched) as straight as possible during the stretch.

I used to get knee pain like yours, Suprapatellar tendinitis. Doing this stretch a few times a week (2-3 x 30sec each leg each session) was what got rid of it, and I continue doing it to keep it from coming back.

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Boatguy has the right idea. That and rolling the quad helped me. Find the most painful/uncomfortable place on the roller & curl your leg 5x.

That reminds me of another tactic I used for a while. During mobility/warm up before squatting, lay down with a lacrosse ball under your quad just above the patella. Curl and extend your lower leg as you adjust positioning of the ball slightly side to side to hit as much of the connective tissue above the knee as you can. I usually did about 10 ‘reps’ of this on each knee. Kelly Starett calls it lax ball smashing.

Yep! Love that one too. Find the “holy sh*t” spot and open that quad.

Thanks guys, sorry i was not looking at the emails . I will surely try those techniques that you guys have shared.
I will let you guys know the progress i’ll make

Could you post a link to a video of that, please?

Sorry I’m a bit late to the party.

If it is patella tendonitis you’re dealing with there are some strategies you can use to deal with the pain. Try some isometric leg press or leg extensions prior to your resistance session. I would try a corrective exercise warm up too (see below).

A Typical warm up I use for the atheltes I coach, modified to help your knee pain:

Foam Roll:
Pecs, Lats, Hip Flexors, Adductors, Calves- 30s hold on tender or tight areas

Pecs, Lats, Hip Flexors, Adductors, Calves- 15s each

Prone Press 1x12
Side lying Leg Abductions 1x12 each leg
Wall supported toe raises 1x12

Lateral Lunges (BW) 1x12
Overhead Squat (BW) 1x10

Positional Isometrics:
Leg Press
30 Degrees of knee extension
Leg Press set up either with a weight you cannot move or on a angled leg press with the catches on so you cannot move the leg press
Apply 80% of max effort for 45 seconds
6 sets of 45 seconds
This should significantly reduce pain for PATELLA TENDONITIS

Give this a go and let us know how you’re getting on mate.

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My bad, I was remembering the wrong name for the stretch, could have sworn I remembered our ATC calling it the Modified Thomas…