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Pain in my Hand and Wrist

I have this pain in my hand and wrist. Most of the pain is where the base of the thumb bone meets my wrist bone. Rolling a tennis ball down the meat of the bottom portion of my forearm helps. So does icing and heating the area where the pain is. But these will just help for a few minutes to a couple of hours. Is there anything else I can do for it. I would hate it if I had to take a few weeks off upper body pressing but that would be better than causing permanent damage.

Notes that may or may not be relevant:
-I haven’t done much in the way of bicep training at all the past couple of months
-I bench as wide as is legal
-It bothers me more after bench pressing than shoulder pressing, but both will do it
-It bothers me only when I press, pulling does nothing to it
-It’s one the right side which is also where I have had elbow tendonitus and impingement of my supraspinitus (both doctor diagnosed), the left side of my upper body had never had issues
-It’s not as bad when I use a thicker bar or wrap something around a bar
-holding a coffee mug handle can be painful if i don’t wedge my fingers into the handle

Has anyone had this problem before. All I know to do now is to take time off from pressing. Sometimes squatting will even irritate it. Especially a low bar squat.