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Pain in my Bicep


Hi guys,
A little while ago I was doing weighted chins and I felt a tweak in my left bicep. I ceased the workout and immediately began the RICE process. Since then it has always been a bit tight on the odd day, but . Two hours ago I was deadlifting and everything was okay until my final set when I felt a twang in the same bicep. Once again I ceased the workout and have applied the usual treatment.

The bicep itself feels tight and uncomfortable, but I can slowly curl with my palm facing up and suspinate my arm. Like most bodybuilders in my situation, the worst case scenario springs to mind - a tear. I don't think it is as there is no bruising and I can still move the arm. The internet is a minefield of information and can often make injuries sound worse than they are. I was just wondering if anyone on T-Nation has had a similar injury and could possibly shed some light on this injury.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks T-Nation.